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Salty Language

The Salty Language Podcast is hosted by Bryan and Tony, and they talk about what has happened in their lives, pop culture, silly news articles, beer, wrestling, and anything that is on their radar. The show is very NSFW, and the guys are just out to have fun and be silly.

May 29, 2017

New Salty Language 304 - Dankest of Mimis
Tony and Bryan discuss Bryan seeing Smackdown, Castlevania trailer and release date, Stephen Amell on Ninja Warrior, death appendage update, Nickelodeon shows, Daffy Duck Harley, Nakamura's entrance, Instagram Live, Michael Leal's Kickstarter, beef jerky, a SUATMM, our Q of the W and recap, and more! 
1. Castlevania trailer
2. Stephen Amell on Ninja Warrior
3. Birth control app
7. Nakamura's entrance in Toledo
SUATMM Golden Girls Clue
QoftheW What would you name a hot sauce?
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