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Salty Language

The Salty Language Podcast is hosted by Bryan and Tony, and they talk about what has happened in their lives, pop culture, silly news articles, beer, wrestling, and anything that is on their radar. The show is very NSFW, and the guys are just out to have fun and be silly.

Jan 15, 2018

New! Salty Language 337
This week, Bryan and Tony discuss Bryan being sick, pop trivia, beards, sushi, Hidden Brain podcast on sleep, fetishes, whiskey for colds, Tide pod challenge, Altered Nirvana, Call of Duty WW2, people panicking about groceries, NFL playoff picks, our QoftheW and recap, and more! 
1. Tide Pods
2. Smells Like Teen Spirit autotuned and key changed
3. Nirvana Video
4. Hidden Brain podcast on sleep
5. Whiskey is good for colds
QoftheW: You wake up in the body of the person you hate the most. What do you do?
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