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Salty Language

The Salty Language Podcast is hosted by Bryan and Tony, and they talk about what has happened in their lives, pop culture, silly news articles, beer, wrestling, and anything that is on their radar. The show is very NSFW, and the guys are just out to have fun and be silly.

Jul 30, 2018

This week, Bryan and Tony discuss terrible company websites, new toilet, Bryan's doctor visit, internet issues, phone battery issues, Skype's update, Facebook's RV group, free stuff, Jeff Goldblum cooking, Egg Sitter, infomercials, German killer's weird death, Van Gogh inspired Vans, Cairo Zoo painting a donkey?, 5 SUATMM items, our QoftheW and recap, and more! 
1. Donkey Zebras
2. Electric Jacking
3. Jeff Goldblum working for Nat Geo
4. Jeff Goldblum Cooks
5. Egg Sitter
SUATMM 1: Funko Pop! Pez dispensers
SUATMM 2: Married With Children Funko Pops
SUATMM 3: Vans Van Gogh gear
SUATMM 4: WWE 2k19 Wooooo! Edition
SUATMM 5; Batman the Animated Series Blu Ray
QoftheW: If you were a referee at an orgy, what's a penalty you'd call?


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