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Salty Language

The Salty Language Podcast is hosted by Bryan and Tony, and they talk about what has happened in their lives, pop culture, silly news articles, beer, wrestling, and anything that is on their radar. The show is very NSFW, and the guys are just out to have fun and be silly.

Oct 8, 2018

This week, Bryan and Tony discuss their weeks, drawings on Patreon, McGregor Khabib, ruckus, Derrick Lewis KO and interview, Banksy art shreds itself, Daredevil trailer, Aquaman trailer, Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer 2, guys' weekend, cooking, robot legs, pimp Jesus, cavemen porn, Twin Peaks restaurant, Ford Escort, Dude Mountain, our QoftheW and recap, and more! 
Our Patreon:
1. Daredevil Season 3 trailer
2. Aquaman trailer
3. Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse
4. Red Dead Redemption Trailer 2
5. Derrick Lewis KO
6. Banksy art shreds itself
7. Picasso vs. Bob Ross
QoftheW: Other than weed. what is something that shouldn't be illegal?
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