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Salty Language

The Salty Language Podcast is hosted by Bryan and Tony, and they talk about what has happened in their lives, pop culture, silly news articles, beer, wrestling, and anything that is on their radar. The show is very NSFW, and the guys are just out to have fun and be silly.

Feb 20, 2012

In this episode, we rant about The Walking Dead creators fighting over rights, fight over Ghost Rider's rights, Bill Murray to be replaced in Ghostbusters 3?, girl's lunch replaced by school, court clerk looks at porn during rape trial, Monsanto found guilty of poisoning, woman credits big breasts for saving life, Sony raised price on Whiteny's music after death, couple has weird engagement, 74 year old man arrested for prostitution, naked woman role play alerts police, man breaks into apartment and makes chicken, woman gives man antifreeze smoothie, bill would rename Gulf of Mexico, frat boy sues after injury at frat party, smokehouse fire is best smelling fire says firefighter, man tries robbing bank with pies, K-Cup machines gouge consumers, man arrested for allegedly cooking cats, goats change accents based on region, vanity plate cause trouble, our site of the week, our top 5 comic book villians, and more!
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Episode links:

1. Walking Dead co-creator suing other creator pt 1:
2. Part 2:
3. Marvel sues Ghost Rider creator:
4. Bill Murray maybe replaced in Ghostbusters 3?:
5. Girl's lunch replaced at school:
6. Court clerk looks at porn during rape trial:
7. Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning in France:
8. Woman credits big breasts for saving life in car accident:
9. Sony raised price on Whitney Houston albums after he death:
10. Couple gets engaged in a weird way:
11. 74 Year old man arrested for prostitution:
12. Man breaks into apartment, makes chicken:
13. Bound, naked role play gets police attention:
14. Woman gives man an antifreeze smoothie:
15. Bill would rename Gulf of Mexico:
16. Frat boy sues over rocket shot from another guy's anus:
17. Smokehouse fire is "Best smelling fire" according to firefighters:
18. Man tries robbing bank with pies:
19. K-Cup coffee machines gouge consumers:
20. Man arrested for allegedly cooking cats:
21. Goats change their accent based on location:
22. Vanity plates cause trouble:
Site of the week: